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We are SUPER excited to announce that we are collaborating with Sham City Roasters and Deadbeat Doughnuts to bring you a day filled with coffee, donuts and tattoos to raise money for Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary!

We're opening the doors at 11am on Sunday the 30th June where we will have sheets of donut and coffee themed designs ready to go!

Line designs will be £30.
Colour designs will be £50.

As per with our Flash Days, they're popular, so it's first come first served!

Sham City Roasters will be selling their amazing coffee including their limited edition blend they've roasted especially for this event!
Deadbeat Doughnuts will be selling their incredible donuts (they're vegan friendly too!).

To learn more about Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary and the wonderful work they do, visit https://barbykeel.btck.co.uk/

To learn more about Sham City Roaster's delicious coffee, follow them on www.instagram.com/shamcityroasters

To learn more about Deadbeat Doughnuts' tasty donuts, follow them on www.instagram.com/deadbeatdoughnuts